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Waxhaw Volunteer Fire Department Equipment Session

Waxhaw Volunteer Fire Department Logo

Waxhaw Fire Department

We live in an awesome town, Waxhaw, NC. Located about 30 minutes south of Charlotte, NC, it’s a town where it can take a while to go to the Post Office or grocery store, because you almost always run into people you know.

I was recently asked to help with a photo session at the  Waxhaw Volunteer Fire Department for a set of new website images. The Waxhaw Volunteer Fire Department has been serving the local community for 60 years and is operated primarily with volunteer work.  A great group of men and women that I am honored to call friends, I volunteer with them in a support role.

Waxhaw Volunteer Fire Department - Engines

Engine 181 and Engine 182

A little known fact is that almost 70% of the fire departments in the United States are still volunteer organizations.  A quick plug here – if you have ever thought about volunteering as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and/or Firefighter, most districts will pay for your training, please contact them.  Most departments also have an auxiliary, for those who want to serve, but aren’t able to put in the time to be fully certified.  If you live in the Waxhaw, NC area, visit WaxhawVFD.ORG and click on Recruitment. Oh, and you get to ride around on the big red truck.


Waxhaw Volunteer Fire Department Session

The plan was to feature the station and the equipment. The department recently purchased a new Rescue Truck (Rescue 18) and we wanted that to be reflected in the new department website.

I worked with one of the Captains, Chris, to position the equipment in the late afternoon, waiting for that magic time in the evening right as the sun was going down. Chris is an accomplished amateur photographer and we both had a great time on this shoot. I made the mistake of letting Chris use one of our professional Nikon bodies to shoot with, and I think I spoiled him.

Waxhaw Volunteer Fire Department

Engine Backing Into Bay

Just as we were finishing up the shoot, a call came in and the guys had to run to investigate an alarm. The next time you see your local firefighters out, tell them hello and thank you. And don’t be afraid to call and set up a time to visit your local station with your kids, most stations are more than willing to let you visit.

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Newest Addition

newest addition

Emma Kathleen

We typically devote this space to sharing images from our latest photography sessions, tips or thoughts.  For this post, I thought I would take a chance to share what is up with us – our newest addition.  On June 21st, our new little girl, Emma arrived.  Melissa’s pregnancy went well, and she was able to keep busy with photography sessions until just a few weeks before Emma’s birth. Mom and baby are doing great and adjusting well.  I’m trying to help where I can, but there are some tasks that dad’s just aren’t equipped for.  Emma will often spend part of the day in my home office providing her thoughts and input as I work.  Like all new parents, we are surprised how life has changed so dramatically, yet how it seems like it has always been this way.  All we can say is that we so blessed by having her in our lives already.

newest addition

Afternoon Nap Time

We are back to work this week, so if you have thought about a session for you or your family, please contact us.  Between the two of us, we can cover just about any photography needs you may have.  Even if she isn’t able to be out for a specific session, Melissa will still be able to help you design and layout any announcement cards or other products.

Barn Bash

Last weekend we had the pleasure of photographing the 3rd annual Barn Bash to benefit finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. A dear friend and former college roommate of mine has an adorable daughter, Caroline, who has CF. CF is an inherited disease that affects the lungs and digestive system. Years ago, being diagnosed with CF meant living only to elementary age. Today, those diagnosed have an expectancy into their 40’s. And Rebecca and her husband’s goal is to see the cure discovered in the next few years. The Barn Bash fundraiser this year took place on a beautiful sunny day with a bluegrass band, barbecue, corn hole and silent auction. For more information on how you can help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis, visit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (

barn bash-61barn bash-97barn bash-111barn bash-181

Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline

barn bash-19barn bash-45barn bash-58barn bash-204