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Little Brother Jake

Little Jake was so excited to join his two brothers and sister that he acquired a shiner in the process! At eight days old, he was enjoying curling up, snuggling with his mama, and sucking his paci. It was a joy to work with this sweet new life and his itty bitty fingers and toes. Congrats Anna and family!

JH 1 JH 2 JH 3 JH 4

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Little Aviator

I had the opportunity to work with this almost one month old, who had no problem curling up and posing for his photo session. His mom mentioned his aviation themed nursery, so I created a quick fabric helmet with goggles for some of his pictures. A fun way to spend the morning!

Colton Newborn-1Colton Newborn-6 Colton Newborn-9 Colton Newborn-8Colton Newborn-12


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Stopping Time

An absolutely gorgeous day, mildly warm, no humidity, beautiful sun. Add to that a great senior guy and we couldn’t have asked for more. Whether he is talking about hunting or participating in one of the main roles at his school’s theater performance, Dom always has a smile ready that will put you in a good mood. In a fast-paced world where it seems kids grow up so quickly, we were thankful to be a part of capturing this moment in Dom’s senior year.

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Dom (1 of 33)Dom (21 of 33)Dom (25 of 33)Dom (29 of 33)



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Barn Bash

Last weekend we had the pleasure of photographing the 3rd annual Barn Bash to benefit finding a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. A dear friend and former college roommate of mine has an adorable daughter, Caroline, who has CF. CF is an inherited disease that affects the lungs and digestive system. Years ago, being diagnosed with CF meant living only to elementary age. Today, those diagnosed have an expectancy into their 40’s. And Rebecca and her husband’s goal is to see the cure discovered in the next few years. The Barn Bash fundraiser this year took place on a beautiful sunny day with a bluegrass band, barbecue, corn hole and silent auction. For more information on how you can help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis, visit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (

barn bash-61barn bash-97barn bash-111barn bash-181

Sweet Caroline

Sweet Caroline

barn bash-19barn bash-45barn bash-58barn bash-204

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Semper Fi

Home on leave briefly, we had time to catch up with Paul and Renee before Paul headed back to duty in the Marines. Prior to enlisting, we got to know Paul as a high school student while he was involved in the Junior Program at Waxhaw Volunteer Fire Department, where he earned the name “Small Paul”, a name that has evidently stuck with him in service. His girlfriend Renee is beautiful inside and out and has such a sweet personality, it really was a pleasure photographing them. We wish you both the best!

Daeth (3 of 12)Daeth (5 of 12)Daeth (4 of 12)

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Senior Portrait Photography

Last week, in one of those days that actually felt like spring, we had the pleasure of spending time with the beautiful Paige in a senior portrait photography session. She and I connect specifically in two areas; art and college. Paige is extremely talented artistically and I always love to see what she is creating. And, as I discovered, like me she goes through phases of working on projects and the gaps between where you might have ideas but don’t seem to get them out for various reasons. In the fall she will be attending my alma mater, Appalachian State. Go mountaineers! Aside from my bias, I think Paige will love the inspiration that comes from being in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Thank you Paige for spending time with us and working through the occasional crazy wind gust and rather loud train! We wish you well and look forward to catching up when you are in town.

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senior shoot PB-2 blog senior shoot PB-3 blog senior shoot PB-5 blog senior shoot PB-6 blog senior shoot PB-7 blog senior shoot PB-9 blog senior shoot PB-9b blog senior shoot PB-10 blog senior shoot PB-12 blog senior shoot PB-15 blog senior shoot PB-16 blog senior shoot PB-18 blog senior shoot PB-21 blog senior shoot PB-23 blog senior shoot PB-28 blog

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Snowflake Images: Up Close and Personal

Well, we survived yet another southern snowstorm, and this was a good one! I think our total accumulation amounted to around 10″. With upper level temperatures varying, there was a combination of pretty wet snow clumps, sleet, freezing rain, and – my favorite – the perfect conditions to allow complete snowflakes to make it to the ground. Grabbing the macro lens, which allows for close-up snowflake images, we managed to capture a handful while the timing was right. We hope you enjoy!

Snowflakes from a previous snowfall are available with some of our landscape photography at our etsy store.

snowflake images:  Up close with an ice crystal

Snowflake Images:  Hexagonal crystal

What struck me in this photograph was the little hexagonal crystal – there is a star shape in the middle!

snowflake images:  snowflake clusters SDS snowflake4SDS snowflake 5SDS snowflake6 SDS snowflake7 SDS snowflake8 SDS snowflake9 SDS snowflake10

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A Birthday Photo Session

We spent a beautiful afternoon with this couple, whose daughter had arranged a birthday photo session for her mom. Such a good idea! As parents, it is easy to become accustomed to taking care of your children and not take the time to do something fun for yourselves. I love that their daughter thought of a gift that would be more of a memory than simply a material item. We had a great time capturing the joy in their eyes and their love for each other.

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Birthday Photo Session - Downtown WaxhawBirthday Photo Session in WaxhawCouple enjoying a Birthday Photo Session in WaxhawBirthday Photo Session on the Bridge in WaxhawHaving fun during a photo session in WaxhawCouples Photo Session in WaxhawCouples Photography Session in Waxhaw

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Wide-eyed Wonder

Wide-eyed wonder. That’s what this adorable little boy was full of every time a car drove by. He loves cars and trucks and trains, which made our location a perfect one for him. He will be joined by a new little brother this summer with whom I’m sure he will share his transportation knowledge!

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Family photography session on the pedestrian bridge in Waxhaw, NCA happy little boy during a family photography session in Waxhaw, NCTwo amazing parents with thier son during a family photography session in Waxhaw, NCA happy boy watching the cars during a family photography session in Waxhaw, NCBlack and White photo of a family during a family photography session in Waxhaw, NCDistracted but happy:  A family photography session in Waxhaw, NCHappy to be with Dad:  Family photography session Waxhaw, NCHappy Parents during a family photography session in Waxhaw, NCOut for a walk during a famliy photography session in Waxhaw, NC

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Wandering Around Waxhaw

Our first shoot of the year was with this fun couple in downtown Waxhaw. Waxhaw is a thriving small town community with great old brick buildings full of character. Combine that with a couple who truly enjoys each other and you have a session that had everyone laughing. We may have ducked into Maxwell’s Tavern for one of their amazing burgers afterward.

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Couples session in Waxhaw, NC in front of a red doorCouples Photography Session:  On the Pedestrian bridge in WaxhawFamily Photography Session in Waxhaw:  One of the classic old brick buildingsSun peeking over the shoulder of a couple during a family photography session in WaxhawBlack and white photo from a famliiy session in Waxhaw, NCAmazing brick archetecture as backdrop in a Couples photography session in WaxhawAmazing couple from a photography session in WaxhawCouples photography session in Waxhaw

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